Weight Loss Tip of the Week! 

January 25, 2018

Weight loss tip of the week!  You love your little beggars, but you need to curb the extra treats they coax out of you. (We know, they’re so hard to resist!) Restricting your pets’ access to the kitchen and dining area keeps them from mugging those Puss-in-Boots-worthy sad eyes at you.



National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day! 

January 22, 2018

Today is National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day!  Here are five questions your cat may be asking you!surprised-cats


Why Do Dogs Prefer Some Toys Over Others?

January 19, 2018

Generally speaking, most dogs like toys that simulate prey.  However, dogs are individuals, and even dogs within the same breed will have preferences due to personality differences.  Additionally, your dog’s toy preferences can change throughout his or her life.  This is a great article about dog toy preference!


9 Ways Being Overweight Can Hurt Your Cat

January 18, 2018

Weight loss tip of the week!  Is your fluffy cat feeling heftier every time you pick her up? Maybe it’s time to feed her meals on a set schedule instead of “free choice feeding,” having food out at all hours. Free choice feeding has been associated with overweight cats in some studies. And if she won’t eat her breakfast at the designated time, she’ll have to wait for dinner.  Here are nine ways being overweight can hurt your cat!


How To Introduce Cats

January 16, 2018

Like finding a roommate or partner, matching up cats requires an understanding of what makes each creature tick.  Before you bring your new cat home, prepare yourself for the introduction.  These are some great tips for introducing new cats into the home!



Puppy Socialization

January 15, 2018

Proper socialization during a puppy’s critical developmental period, which ends by 16 weeks, is the most important part of a behavioral wellness program. Socialization should begin as soon as possible. Come talk to us to find out more!


How Does Your Dog Use Its Eye Contact?

January 12, 2018

Did you know, dogs use eye contact and follow the human gaze better than wolves?  Additionally, different breeds seek eye contact differently.  How does your dog use its eye contact?


Canine Body Language

January 5, 2018

Animals speak all of the time, as spoken through their body language, but many times their messages are misunderstood or go unheard.  Do you know how to understand your dog?!

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Your Pet’s New Year’s Resolution!

January 4, 2018

Time for your pet’s New Year’s Resolution!  Weight loss tip of the week!  You’re working hard on your pet’s weight loss. You’ve got the special diet food and lower-calorie treats. But stop and think how many times a day you give one of those treats. Those calories add up quickly! We can work with you to figure out how much food your pet needs daily. Then each morning you can apportion out the day’s food and treats, and if you’ve reached the end of your supply, he’s done for the day. His tummy is all set.


Today Is National Pet Travel Safety Day!  

January 2, 2018

Today Is National Pet Travel Safety Day!  This day seeks to highlight the dangers of unsecured pets in vehicles and educate the public about how to make vehicle travel safer for people and the pets they love.  Here are 6 tips for pet travel safety!