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Feline Senior Care

July 25, 2017
“Oh boy, oh boy! I can’t stop eating, and yet I seem to be slimming down—how lucky am I!” If your older cat could make this boast, it’s really not a good thing. He or she could have diabetes, hyperthyroidism or kidney disease. Bring your cat in today and we’ll investigate!

Training Tip!

July 24, 2017

Training tip for the week!  If your dog scratches you or jumps on you or others, don’t push it down. Instead, fold your arms and turn away. Attention withdrawal is one of the best ways to correct aggressive dogs’ behaviors because often they’re trying to manipulate you into interaction.

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Canine Ear Infections

July 21, 2017

Did you know that most dogs get infections in their ears because of allergies to environmental irritants—and it’s the allergic reaction that makes their ears so itchy. Once a dog starts scratching, the ear canal lining gets damaged, and yeast and bacteria take over. Let us take a look before it gets serious!


Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

July 20, 2017

Has your senior dog or cat started giving you the cold shoulder, spurning your affections? Or, just the opposite, does he suddenly seem to be attached to you at the hip? Oddly, both of these extremes can be signs of cognitive dysfunction, a form of dementia seen in dogs and cats. We have ways to get them back to their normal social ways. Just call and make an appointment.




The Case Against Free-Feeding Your Dog!

July 18, 2017

Do you leave your pet’s food down all the time or “free feed” your pet?  This is certainly a convenient way of feeding your pet, especially if your pet is not accustomed to eating on a schedule, however, it can be detrimental to their health.  Please read this great article about the reasons your pet should have scheduled meal times just like we do!




Pavement Temperatures and Your Pet!

July 14, 2017

This summer, be mindful of the pavement temperatures as you enjoy the outdoors.  This is what happens when the pavement is too hot for your dog!


Coconut Oil and Pets

July 10, 2017

You’ll be surprised at how useful coconut oil can be for pets!


National Lost Pet Prevention Month!

July 6, 2017

This month is National Lost Pet Prevention Month.  Every two seconds a pet parent in the United States is faced with their worst fear when they suddenly discover that their cat or dog is missing. Statistics state that more than 10 million companion animals go astray each year, with only 1 in 10 ever reuniting with the ones they love.  What extra measures can you take to keep your pet safe?!