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The Real Reason Dogs Eat Poop

March 31, 2017

What to do when your dog does the unthinkable…..eats his/her own stool!





Raising A Friendly Dog!

March 28, 2017

Have you added a new addition to your family?  Here are five tips for raising a friendly dog!




Dental Care for Pets!

March 27, 2017
Dental care is important for every pet! However, is your pet’s breed on this list?! If so you will want to take extra care of their oral health, it could save their life!

Does Your Dog Follow You Into The Bathroom?!

March 14, 2017

If Your Dog Always Follows You To The Bathroom, He’s Secretly Saying ‘I Love You!’



Today is Canine Veterans Day!

March 13, 2017

Today is Canine Veterans Day!   Soldiers rely on military service dogs to sniff out explosives, listen for ambushes, or take down combatants. Military dogs make soldiers feel safe, and for good reason: Since coming into the armed forces in 1942, service dogs have been saving an estimated 150-200 warriors’ lives each. Even off the frontlines, these dogs keep saving lives by helping soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Our veterans — human and animals — have each other’s backs.  Check out the great history behind this special day!


World’s Largest Dog Show!

March 10, 2017

This weekend is Crufts!  Held in Birmingham, England, this is the world’s largest dog show, featuring nearly 28,000 canines in its four days. Check out this amazing dog show!




Quirky Cat Behaviors!

March 9, 2017

Two Totally Quirky Behaviors Your Cat Wishes You Understood!



If Pets Had Thumbs Day!

March 3, 2017

Today is If Pets Had Thumbs Day!  In honor of this wonderfully wacky holiday, here are ten things your pet would probably do if he did indeed have opposable thumbs. Which of these sounds most like your pet?