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Fleas and Pets!

May 29, 2014

Just how much harm can one little flea cause for your pet or your home?  A female flea can start laying eggs within 24 hours of feeding and mating, and has the ability to produce 40-50 eggs per day. That’s hundreds of eggs in a few days!  For more information about fleas and your pet, and to watch a great video, visit this website about pets and parasites! 


“If I fits, I sits!”

May 20, 2014

These pets’ motto “If I fits, I sits!” Check out this video from the Huffington Post of cute pets squeezing into tight spots!! 

What is your dog’s super hero name?!

May 19, 2014

Cheer yourself up by using this Trupanion guide to find out your pet’s Super Hero name!


Does your pet have undiagnosed pain?!

May 14, 2014

Do you have a pet with arthritis?  Or do you own a senior pet?  Maybe you have a younger pet that does not like to have its face brushed.  Have you considered that if your dog is aggressive, maybe it’s pain? Many pet owners are surprised that some common undesired behaviors maybe a sign of undiagnosed pain in their pet.  For more information check out this great article!