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This week is Dog Bite Prevention Week!

May 23, 2013
This week is Dog Bite Prevention Week!  With an estimated population of 70 million dogs living in U.S. households, millions of people – most of them children – are bitten by dogs every year. The majority of these bites, if not all, are preventable.   Big or small, male or female, young or old, any dog can bite. Even the cuddliest, fuzziest, sweetest pet can bite if provoked.  Check out this great resource about why dogs bite!

Don’t let your dog become one of these numbers!

May 21, 2013

Thinking of skipping that dose of Frontline to save a little extra money?!  Or picking up something over the counter at Walmart?!  Since January of 2012, at our clinic alone, we have diagnosed 29 pets with infectious diseases spread by ticks and the numbers continue to climb every day!  The breakdown is as follows: Anaplasmosis = 12 cases, Ehrlichia = 7 cases and Lyme disease = 10 cases.  Don’t let your dog become one of these numbers!  For more information visit the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) or check out the parasite resources on our website!

April is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month!

May 16, 2013

Now that it is getting nicer outside, are you noticing your dog or cat starting to lick, chew, or scratch themselves more than usual?  April is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month!   Just like us, it is not uncommon for our pets to have seasonal allergies, and many times they show it by excessively licking/grooming, chewing or scratching. This can quickly lead to much bigger and costly problems such as open sores and skin infections.  Luckily, there are many inexpensive things you can do to help relieve your pet’s discomfort during this time.  If you notice your pet exhibiting any of these behaviors, call the clinic and we can help you find a solution specific for your pet before it gets out of control.


They Are Out!

May 14, 2013

They Are Out! Just a friendly reminder  if you have not started using your flea and tick prevention, as well as heartworm prevention, be sure to start TODAY!  We have seen numerous fleas and ticks already this month and just this weekend mosquitoes.  Last year was  an eye-opening year for tick-transmitted diseases.  We had far more cases than ever seen before in the area.  Unfortunately, many of these cases were “in-door only” dogs.  Help protect your pets, right now Frontline is buy three get one FREE and Heartgard is buy 12 get a $12 rebate.  We also have specials on Seresto and Certifect.  Make sure your pet is protected this season! 


Doggie Raindrop Therapy!

May 13, 2013

Doggie Raindrop Therapy!   A Raindrop Technique is a special way of applying several (often 8-9) different essential oils topically over the spinal area.  The technique combines the therapeutic use of essential oils with reflexology to bring structural alignment and electrical balance to the dog’s body.  The remarkable benefits for your pet includes: physical and emotional well-being, prevention and treatment of sore backs and muscles, treating arthritis and joint pain, prevention and treatment of  illness or chronic diseases, and helping release toxins and boost the immune system.  It will also compliment any medical treatment your pet is receiving i.e.  tumors removal or cancer treatment, as well as, skin conditions or allergies.   For more information about essential oils and your pet, contact the clinic or visit our website!


FREE Loose Leash Walking Clinic tomorrow!

May 10, 2013

Just a reminder about our FREE Loose Leash Walking Clinic tomorrow!  This event is open to the public!

WHERE: Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic

WHEN:  Saturday, May 11th @ 2:00pm (approximately 45 minutes)

WHO: Certified Trainer Karen Anderson from PetAgreed Canine Academy (ph. # 319-215-3336)

REQUIREMENTS:  All dogs must be dog and people friendly and must be current on Rabies & Distemper vaccinations.  Please bring a 4’ or 6’ nylon or leather leash (no retractable leashes) or a body harness (preferred).  And last but not least, some super yummy treats your pet normally doesn’t get at home.  These are treats to train with not to give on a regular basis ex. tiny hot dog pieces, training treats, etc.  We hope to see you and your friends tomorrow! 

Today we celebrate National Pet Week!

May 9, 2013

Today we celebrate National Pet Week! This week is recognized in the United States and in other parts of the world. The goals of National Pet Week are to promote responsible pet ownership, celebrate the human-animal bond, and promote public awareness of veterinary medicine. Check out this link for a great site with a wealth of pet information. 


The Animal Desk Reference Essential Oils For Animals

May 6, 2013

Wanting to use essential oils regularly on your pet at home?  Do you need a great reference to guide you?  This is one of Dr. Keller’s favorite references, “The Animal Desk Reference Essential Oils For Animals.”



Free Loose Leash Walking Clinic!

May 3, 2013

Free!  Loose Leash Walking Clinic Saturday, May 11 at 2:00 PM at Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic!  Teach your dog how to walk gently on a loose leash and without pulling you down the street.  Make your walks with your dog more enjoyable for the both of you!  This is a FREE event open to the public!  Call today for more information or to sign your pet up for the clinic!