This week is National Pet ID Week!

This week is National Pet ID Week! Identification for your pets is an important way to keep them safe. For many, this means tags for their collar. However, what if your pet slips out of their collar or loses their tags or collar? Microchips are an additional form of identification that can identify your pet even if it loses its collar. A microchip is a permanent means of identification that is implanted under an animal’s skin. The chip can be read using special equipment by any veterinarian or animal control officer and provides the information needed to reunite the animal with its owner. A microchip also provides proof of legal ownership if your pet is lost or stolen. According to a research study, the return rate for lost animals with microchips was 20 times higher for cats and 2 ½ times higher for dogs compared to lost animals without a microchip. For the remainder of the month we are offering a special on pet microchips! Get your pet micro-chipped today for just $25, which includes lifelong registration! Call today or click here for more information!





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