April is Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month!

This is one of Dr. Keller’s favorite topics to discuss, Lyme Disease!  April is Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month.  Last year we saw an enormous boom in the amount of dogs that tested positive for Lyme, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichia (all tick-borne diseases).  From puppies to seniors, from indoor only dogs to outdoor dogs, we certainly felt the bite.  Ticks in the area are clearly carrying these diseases, and many are in our own back yard.  So what can you do?  First, don’t pass on the heartworm test.  Catching these diseases in their early stages has a far better outcome than catching them when your pet develops clinical signs.  At our clinic, our heartworm test also tests for these three common tick-borne diseases.  Second, be religious about applying monthly prevention ON TIME.  And last but not least, have your dog vaccinated against Lyme disease so that he/she is adequately protected.  For more information visit this great website Dogs and Ticks!


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