Storing Pet Food

I would wager to say many of you have not given much thought about HOW you store your pet’s food.  Yet, HOW we store their food is very important for preserving the taste, the nutritional value, and ensuring the health of your pet.  Here are a few tips to think about when storing your pet’s food:

  1. Only buy enough food to last your pet one month after you open the bag, especially if your pet is on a prescription diet.  The nutritional content and taste will begin to deteriorate after that time.
  2. Store your pet’s food in a cool dry place out of direct light and extreme temperatures.
  3. Keep your pet’s food in its original packaging.  Many companies have researched how to keep their food fresher longer.  Their solution is your solution, use it.      
  4. Lastly and probably the one most of us are guilty of doing, if you are using a plastic container month after month to store food in, STOP! Oils in the food will absorb into the container, even if you wash it.  These oils will go rancid over time contaminating the new food you are pouring into the container.  If your adamant about keeping the food in a plastic container, then keep the food in its original bag and put the entire bag in the container.  That way the oils are kept within the bag and thrown away each month.     



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