Cat owners this is for you!

Cat owners this is for you! The $15 dollar Rabies vaccination vs. the $22 dollar vaccination, and what it means for your cat! Cats are not best served by a low-cost one-size-fits-all shot. Traditionally, dogs and cats have been given the same Rabies vaccination. However, vaccine induced sarcomas have been noted in feline patients receiving these vaccines due to adjuvants in the vaccination. This is why our clinic only uses Merial adjuvant free feline specific vaccinations labeled only for use in cats. Due to the research behind the product and superior medical care, it does cost a few more dollars; however, it is the safest vaccine available for cats and provides the highest standard of care. Prevention of Rabies and the potential reactions to the non-specific feline vaccinations, is the best care for your cat! The science behind the wellness is just as important as the wellness itself!



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