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Wondering what Essential Oils can do for your pet?!

February 26, 2013

Wondering what Essential Oils can do for your pet?!  Check out Zoey’s foot.  Zoey had a tumor removed from her toe. To completely remove the entire tumor, there was excessive tension on the incison.  The day after surgery while mom was at work, Zoey decided to chew off her boot and all of her stitches. This left a large wound and inflamed tissue that could not be sutured closed.  Zoey’s lesion was treated with one drop of diluted Helichrysum, an Essential Oil, followed by Animal Scents Ointment.  This is Zoey’s toe when treatment was started and then just one week later.  Keep in mind this was treated with Essential Oils only and no oral medications!  Zoey and mom are both happy and Zoey is doing well!

Before treatment with Essential Oils


After treatment with Essential Oils!Image


Today is World Spay Day!

February 25, 2013

Today is World Spay Day!  Spaying and neutering your pet early is one of the most important health benefits you can provide to your pet!  Meet Thor, he was a very good patient today while he was here for his neuter!  For more information on the importance of early spay/neuter visit this link


C.E.T.® HEXTRA® Premium Chews for Dogs

February 21, 2013

Staff Pick!  C.E.T.® HEXTRA® Premium Chews for Dogs are a premium chew clinically proven to remove plaque and reduce tartar in dogs when used daily.  C.E.T. Chews are coated with an exclusive patented 10% solution of chlorhexidine gluconate and contain beefhide for natural abrasive cleansing action.  They help keep teeth clean and breath fresh, even on days when brushing isn’t possible.  For dental month this amazing product is buy two get one FREE!  Not sure if your pet will like this chew….stop in for a free sample today!


Have a Heart for Chained Dogs

February 19, 2013

We love our canine friends!  This week is Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week and we want to help raise awareness around the plight of dogs who spend most of their lives at the end of a chain. It’s a heart-breaking image and unfortunately it is also a reality for countless animals across the continent.  To help stop this sad situation and learn more, visit this link!


Neuter-a-Tom Cat Day

February 15, 2013

Last Call!  This is our last call for our Neuter-a-Tom-Cat day next week!  In light of Prevent-a-Litter Month, we want to remind you of this great opportunity to neuter your farm cat for only $15!  Millions of pets are euthanized every year in shelters across America due to lack of available homes and we want to do our part in minimizing the impact of unwanted litters on the local pet population.  Call today for details!