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All Natural and Grain Free Diets!

September 27, 2012

Try me FREE Today!  Looking for a pet food with NATURAL INGREDIENTS, maybe with no corn, or even completely GRAIN FREE!  Did you know some natural pet foods aren’t balanced the way they should be? Too much or too little of an ingredient, even natural ingredients, can be bad for your pet. Food plays a very important role in your pet’s overall health, well-being and longevity.  If feeding a natural diet is important to you, our clinic recommends Science Diet Ideal Balance.  Click here to learn more about this diet! Additionally, you can double up on two deals we have going on right now.  First, you can try a bag of Ideal Balance for FREE with a mail in rebate.  Second, when you purchase a bag of Ideal Balance, we will give you two cans of food and a bag of Ideal Balance treats for FREE, while supplies last!


September is senior pet health month!

September 13, 2012

Special Offer!!  September is senior pet health month!  Similar to advances made in human medicine and healthcare, advances in veterinary medicine are helping our pets’ live longer and healthier lives.  We all face the possibility of health challenges, some of which can be addressed through preventive care and awareness of overall health issues.  As pets reach their golden years, there are a variety of conditions and diseases they may face, including weight and mobility challenges; osteoarthritis; kidney, heart, and liver disease; tumors and cancers; hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalances; among others.  Although some age-related pet diseases cannot be prevented, early detection and intervention is key to helping your pets maintain the highest quality of life possible.  Throughout this month, we are offering a full senior blood profile for only 60 dollars!  This comprehensive blood profile will determine the health of your pet’s blood cells, internal organs and thyroid function.  Please call us today for more information!Image

Introducing iZON!

September 4, 2012
Watching your pet online!  Meet Andre, this poor guy suffers from Protein Losing Enteropathy.  Last week, an abdominal exploratory was performed to obtain intestinal biopsies.   While hospitalized, Dr. Keller was able to view him at any point during the night to check in on him and determine if he needed assistance.  How was she able to do this? Our clinic uses iZON, a video camera that enables us to view and listen to activity in the clinic from anywhere in the world on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Whether it is for a serious matter such as ours, or just to be able to see what your pet is doing while you are at work, this device has been a great asset. Check out what people are saying about this product and how you can use this product at home!