Permanent identification for your pet!

During these busy days of summer, it is sometimes difficult to remember who fed or let the dog out last!  It also creates an easy environment for your pet to slip out the door or for a visitor to fail to latch the door completely.  As a pet owner, microchipping your pet is one of the most responsible decisions you can make and costs only thirty five dollars.  Sadly, many pets end up at shelters every year because they don’t have proper identification on them when they are lost or even stolen. Remember, even if you’re an experienced pet owner, there’s always a chance your pet could go missing.  You just never know when something like this may happen and it’s always best to be prepared in case your pet does decide to take his own little journey.  This amazing story is of two dogs and their owners that were reunited after 5 years of separation thanks to a microchip!



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