Spring Open House and Community Event

Part of our overall mission at Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic is to use the clinic as a learning center and be a resource for the public on all pet health and pet behavior issues.  We desire to provide accurate educational information to pet owners.  

One way we’re doing this is by having our Spring Open House and Community Event on Saturday, March 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Everyone in the community is invited to attend!

We are very excited about this event…and we’re bringing in the experts to prove it.  Pet owners in the Cedar Valley will have an opportunity to join in on free seminars on a variety of pet-related topics.  Topics like “How To Read Pet Food Labels” by our nutrition expert, “Loose Leash Walking With Your Dog” by our animal behavior expert, “At-Home Dental Care”, and one of our favorites, an opportunity for you to ask questions of animal behavior experts about why your pets do the crazy things they do.

You can come for the whole day…or you can just come and sit in on the seminars that are of particular interest to you.  You don’t have to sign up…just show up.

And the best part is…. it’s all free. 

For a complete list and times of seminars, visit our website or call us at 319.483.5049


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