Do you have children or grandchildren?  Do they interact with your family pet or a friend’s pet?  We want to help your little ones stay safe and healthy while enjoying the time they spend with everyone’s pets.  Did you know that there are certain diseases/parasites you and your family can get from pets? One of the most common intestinal parasites our practice diagnosis daily are roundworms.  Roundworms are one of the parasites that can be passed from animals to humans, however, several easy steps can be taken to help keep your family safe!  These include (but are not limited to): frequent hand washing, keeping feces picked up daily, routine fecal examinations and deworming, as well as, year round heartworm prevention (yes, every time you give your pet that heartworm pill it also provides intestinal parasite control!).  For more information on how to keep your family safe and healthy please visit the American Animal Hospital Association.


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