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FURDRY by FURminator

February 28, 2012

Is your dog afraid of the high velocity dryer at the groomer?!  We have found a way to dry your pet effortlessly without causing them any stress.  FURminator has developed the FURDRY.  It is a wearable microfiber shirt that is uniquely designed to draw water away from the coat while keeping your pet secure and calm.  Click here to watch a video on this amazing product we now utilize during your pet’s grooming experience!



The S’pawgress Report

February 26, 2012

Check out these lovely pooches that were pampered at the S’paw recently.  We have included final glamor shots as well as a few before and after pictures.  Click here to see what our amazing groomer, Stacy, can do for your pet!  Image

New Laser May Beam Away Your Pet’s Pain

February 25, 2012

Try me for free!  Lasers are an amazing medical tool that can be used in a variety of ways to benefit your pet.  Remember Ali from yesterday?  She received cold laser therapy to treat the following: her incision post-operatively, her chronic ear infection and allergy induced skin infections or “hot spots”.  Watch the following video “New Laser May Beam Away Your Pet’s Pain”.  The first five people to let us know how you think your pet would benefit from this service will receive a free cold laser therapy treatment.Image

Spay of the Day

February 24, 2012

Meet Lilly and Lucy!  These two cute girls were spayed today.  In-house pre-anesthetic blood work ensured these small patients were able to handle surgery.  The Hot Dog patient warmer kept them warm during and after surgery, and they received a complimentary nail trim and cold laser therapy treatment afterwards.  Both are all ready to go home to their families this afternoon! ImageImage

Abdominal Exploratory Surgery

February 24, 2012

This is something we don’t see often!  Yesterday, Ali (short for Alligator), underwent abdominal exploratory surgery to determine the cause of her illness.  The culprit was a strangulated spleen and two abscesses within the abdomen.  She is feeling much better after removing her spleen and the abscesses. She walked outside and happily ate her breakfast this morning! Image


February 22, 2012

Meet Bella!  Today, along with her spay, she had hip films taken to determine the likelihood of her developing degenerative joint disease.  As we all know, Golden Retrievers are prone to developing hip dysplasia and PennHIP is an accurate way to assess current and future hip health.  Sedation is required, so this service is a great add on to any other surgical or dental procedure.  For more information visit PennHIP on Facebook!



February 22, 2012

Meet Frazier!  Today, after he had radiographs of his shoulders taken to assess lameness, he had additional films taken for PennHIP.  The PennHIP technique assesses the quality of the canine hip and quantitatively measures canine hip joint laxity. The PennHIP method of evaluation is more accurate than the current standard in its ability to predict the onset of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD), is the hallmark of canine hip dysplasia (CHD).


Urethral Obstruction

February 21, 2012

Emergency!  If your pet is unable to urinate, he/she may have a urethral obstruction.  This occurs when stones or an accumulation of crystals block the tube through which urine is excreted.  The result is a very full, painful bladder requiring emergency surgery.  This is Amanda’s bladder prior to surgery last night.  Dr. Keller removed over twenty stones during surgery.  Today, she is feeling well and urinating on her own!Image

National Prevent a Litter Month

February 16, 2012

Thankfully, this is a leap year.   We will need the extra day to fit in so many great animal-related celebrations. This is National Prevent a Litter Month and the 28th is Spay Day USA. You can do your part by having your veterinarian sterilize all of your personal pets.  You can also help other pets by donating to your local humane society.  These three adorable critters were spayed/neutered at our clinic today!ImageImageImage

Westminster Dog Show 2012

February 14, 2012

Tune in tonight for the second day of the 2012 Westminster Dog Show!   All Sporting, Working, and Terrier breeds and varieties will be judged tonight along with Best In Show also being judged tonight!  The Westminster Kennel Club was established in 1877 and is America’s oldest organization dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs.  This is America’s second-longest continuously held sporting event second to what other sporting event?  The first person with the correct answer receives a snack for their dog to enjoy during tonight’s show!  Also, check out Shine from Yahoo to see the new breeds competing at this year’s event!